The costs of healthcare services

The costs of healthcare services

The costs of healthcare services

It is provided in the Law on Health Care Institutions that prices of services provided by the healthcare institutions of the Lithuanian National Health System (LNHS) shall be set by the Ministry of Health. The prices of services provided by healthcare institutions that do not belong to the LNHS shall be determined by their management bodies or owners according with the procedure established by the laws of these institutions.

The healthcare institutions belong to the LNHS enter into contracts with the Territorial Health Insurance Funds (THIF) regarding provision and payment of such services every year.

The reference prices approved by the Order of the Minister of Health are applied for payment for healthcare services.

These healthcare institutions have to publish a comprehensive list of health care services paid from the Compulsory Health insurance Fund budget (free of charge for the insured persons) and provided under the contracts with THIF, as well as terms and conditions of provision of such services. The healthcare services have to be provided to the persons insured with compulsory health insurance in Lithuania without any extra fees.

Reference prices of health care services

Out-patient surgery services

DRG-based costs of active in-patient services

DRG-based costs of day-surgery services

Primary healthcare

Nursing and palliative care services

Preventive programs

Specialised out-patient services

Day-care services

Services provided in Admission/Emergency departmen

Observation services

Long term care services

Medical rehabilitation services

Expensive examinations and procedures

Transplantation services